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Acacia Stresses Academic Achievement

Academic achievement should be the first and foremost priority of all university students. It is also central to the mission of Acacia Fraternity, whose chapters stress academics above all else. Moreover, the Acacia Fraternity Foundation assists deserving Acacians with cash scholarships — over $350,000.00 in scholarships and educational grants were awarded by the international foundation of Acacia during the 2010-2011 academic year alone.


Acacia Develops Leaders

Acacia Fraternity is dedicated to building leaders by providing a wealth of leadership opportunities for our members. From social issues to academic, business to philanthropy, the Acacians of today are the leaders of tomorrow.


Acacians Help Better the Community

Our motto is "Human Service," and we take it very seriously. As member of Acacia Fraternity you will have ongoing opportunities, through structured community service programs, to make a difference in the lives of those in need.


Acacians Value Fitness

Members of Acacia are encouraged to participate in intramural sports, a system in which athletes of all caliber find camaraderie and physical challenge. Whatever the sport, and whatever your skill level, as a member of Acacia you will always have a place on the team.


Acacians Know How to Have Fun

Forget the "Animal House" stereotype of reckless partying and irresponsible behavior. Acacia's policy is that each chapter maintains a fun yet responsible social policy that promotes responsible choices and the dignity of every individual as well as zero tolerance for illegal activities.


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