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2014 Registration

All attendees, including presenters, must fill out the symposium registration form.

This year at the symposium, student attendees traveling to Corvallis can request to be hosted by current OSU students.  The last three questions of the registration form pertain to this and do not need to be filled out otherwise.

(as it should appear on your symposium name badge)

(as it should appear on your symposium name badge)

(i.e. name of college, university, company, etc.)

(knowing this helps us better understand symposium attendees and target information)

(Lunch is provided free of charge to all student presenters. Our budget may not allow us to provide a free lunch to all other registrants, but we will attempt to accommodate as many requests as possible. If it becomes necessary to decline some lunch requests, earlier registrants will be prioritized. Unfortunately, additional accommodations cannot be made for dietary restrictions. All lunches come with a sandwich, fresh fruit cup, side salad, brownie, and beverage)

(there will be a student mixer the evening preceding the symposium; food and drinks must be purchased by attendees; the event is open to students of all ages)

(OSU students have offered to host student attendees traveling to Corvallis; this option is only available to students)

(only select if you would like to be hosted)

(are you allergic to any animals or is there other information you would like potential hosts to know? only fill out if you would like to be hosted)

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